Over the last decade John Walkins and Rob Schneider, the Directors of Victor Valley Property Center, have assisted hundreds of buyers with their property purchases as independent property advisors. Buyers pay a fee for our insight and we assist the buyer through the planning and acquisition process. The service has also assisted sellers where we have personally project managed the sale of client’s properties. We have mentored clients with their important decisions in regards to price, agent selection, marketing strategy and selling process as well as providing advice and negotiation when an offer has been presented to our sellers. In recent years the demand from clients requesting our assistance to sell their properties has increased. This combined with the number of clients developing their investment properties has resulted in evolving to provide a selling agency service. As a result we are now in a position to help clients with a full service including buying or selling property.

Victor Valley Property Center have collectively gone through over 10,000 properties and assisted clients with over $200 million worth of transactions. The experience has been invaluable when it comes to understanding successful strategies in the sales process. We have seen quality outcomes for a seller due to the successful process the agent has have undertaken. However, at times we have felt that a different approach would have achieved a far better result for the seller. We have also seen a number of properties undersold by significant amounts when agents have not understood the zonings and potential for the property.

Our unique and broad experience in real estate over the last decade is of great benefit to our clients as we share our knowledge and expertise with those considering selling.

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